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At Cripton, we are committed to upholding your confidence and trust and maintain strict confidentiality with regard to your personal information. All online transactions are conducted using a secure 128-bit SSL encryption signed by VeriSign. Encryption ensures that no information is accessible to unknown parties. For details on security and encryption, please visit

Further, your personal information is kept strictly confidential, and Cripton will not share it with external parties without your consent.

The following additional measures prevent information disclosure:

tick All our employees are under exclusive contract with us, and only the transcribers in charge of your job will have access to it.
tick No content of your job request will be emailed or disclosed to third parties.
tick Your transcript will be accessible to other transcribers only when certain revisions or corrections are required.
tick All our employees are required to sign "Confidentiality Agreement" which addresses the issue of leakage of client information.
tick We understand that confidentiality is a sensitive issue for you and your clients and we are happy to sign any confidentiality or nondisclosure agreement you may require.
tick All our processes are conducted on systems that prevent your information from being accessed without your consent.
tick Cripton has a Non-Disclosure Agreement Format. Please ask us about the format when you request a quotation.

We assure you that every necessary measure is taken to ensure that neither your personal information nor the contents of your request are disclosed without your consent. Your personal information will be used only at the time of preparing documents, such as bills and to contact you.

We strictly adhere to our Privacy Policy and assure you that your private information will be dealt with sensitively.

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