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specializes in providing best-in-class general and business transcription services. Our services have been used by professional conference organizers, translation companies, academic institutes, consultants and individuals.

We provide reader-friendly, verbatim transcripts. Changes include removing stuttering, partial words like "ahs" and "ums", and repeated words. We can also take care of any special formatting and template requests you might have.

Two Levels of Checks by our Experienced Transcribers

All our transcripts go through two levels of checks by our experienced, in-house transcribers. The transcribers are well versed in a variety of fields such as medicine, business, media, science and technology. They are experienced in transcribing various accents and dialects, and specialize in transcribing heavy accents and speakers using English as a second language

After initial transcription, the transcriber listens to the entire file and reads the transcript word for word, correcting any typos, unclear words, errors or omissions. As a second step, the resulting transcript is proof-read again by a senior proof-reader.

Prompt Response and short turnaround times

We reply to an inquiry within 1 hour during Business Hours. We are able to offer fast turnaround times primarily because all our work is done in-house. We can handle urgent requests and we have different turnaround times depending on the requirement of the client.

File Formats

We handle a wide variety of file formats: We accept digital files such as mp3, wma, wmv, IC recorder etc. For details, please refer to File Formats.

File Transfer

We have our own extranet facility, through which you can send or receive Digital files faster than FTP. Our extranet facility is also secured under verisign.

Security and Confidentiality

All our servers have firewalls installed to prevent access from unauthorized networks and we have latest anti-virus software on computers to protect against viruses. Other measures include restricting usage of data storage media viz. floppy disks and CD's to ensure confidentiality of information. All the employees are required to sign our "Confidentiality Agreement". Also, we have an exclusive account for file transfer and only an authorized person can access, download or send files through our system.

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